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    weird back pain....

    I was working on shoulders dumb bell press and when i finish my last set, i stood up and felt this weird pain near my neck, the pain was on my traps down a little to my back (close to my spine). It feels like i can crack it and it would feel better, but i can't do anything about it bc it feels the same. The pain comes up when i look to my right and bent my head back...i used icey hot and gat a massage and its been one day and the pain is still long will this eventually go away? any suggestions feel free?

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    I have similar pain sometimes. Icy hot doesnt do anything but waste your money and give you a weird feeling. Try icing it. Ive never really done anything, I just kinda work through it and eventually it goes away after i have my rest days.


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    Sounds like it could be a trapped nerve. Or possibly a strained muscle which is having an effect on your vertebrae. That is my current problem, if left without treatment it might eventually have such an effect on your vertebrae that you would need muscular and spine treatment. Is the muscle hard, like it is tense, where the pain is? If so go see a physio soon and try not to train it until the physio tells you the best thing to do. Or get your g/f or a friend to give you a massage, this might help.

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