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    workout set rotation

    ok here is my q, lets say for example that i do back and shoulders on the same day. can i do 1 set of shoulder press, then say go over and do rows for my back? instead of waiting 3min or whatever and doing another set. should i stick to one muscle for all sets? or can i save time by doing back/shoulder/back/shoulder so by the time im done with the other its time to do another set for the first one. get what im saying? or is this just a retarded way to try and save time. thanks for any input

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    If you want to save time, you can do an agonist/anatagonist or a push/pull workout.
    Do Chest/Back, Quads/Hams, Back/Tri's, Chest/Bi's those type combinations. I serious doubt you could train back/shoulders in that fashion and be productive. If time is a constraint, you may also try Escalating Density Training. I am transitioning into EDT the first of August. Warrior knows more about this type of training and implements it.
    It also depends on your goals. You said 3 minute rest intervals, that long rest would mean you are probably training for strength??

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    It really depends on how advanced you are and how used to working out your body is. I tend to mix things up like that, and I don't always do oposite muscle groups. I may do chest and bi's for example. I just make sure that I'm not using the same muscle twice. It's good to use muscles that counter eachother, because while you are working one muscle, you are stretching the other. You can do shoulder and back rows, but you aren't really giving your shoulders a rest. The shoulders are used in the back row a bit (posterior delt).

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