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    After chest workout

    This is my workout....
    Flat bench 5 sets..
    Incline dumbells 3 sets..
    seated flys 3 sets..
    cable crossovers 3 sets..
    Going heavy for my workout..

    I usually switch it up like flat bench dumbells or incline bench or some other machines so I'm not always doing the same thing. The next day after my workout I am usually sore in my shoulders and the very top outer edge of my chest. Why isn't my whole chest sore. I'm always changing up my grip, sometimes wider apart or closer together. I always make sure my shoulders are back. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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    LM1332 Guest
    In my opinion ppl dont do enough of incline. I personaly would start out with incline since it is the weaker of two. Move onto incline flys. Then go onto to bench and flat flys. And all flys i think should be in a heavy enough zone where you cantrolably go in a semi circle.

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    over training, pic three exercises you like and stick to em hard and heavy

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    That would be way overtraining for me. But anyway, you could be stressing your tendons at the insertion point under your arms. And not getting sore is a good thing really. people guage there progress by soreness, but soreness is actually a bad thing. It's a sign of lactic acid buildup on the muscles and that breaks down the muscles.

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    Your muscles still grow even though they arent sore. I was pissed that my chest and tris were sore after working chest on wed, because on fri when I did back I could hardly do lat pull downs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decadbal
    over training, pic three exercises you like and stick to em hard and heavy
    yeah I agree. No need for 4 different exercises, just pick 3 and go hard witht hem

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