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    cardio when bulking?

    hey i'm sure this question has been up here before and i did a half assed search and couldnt find it so i'll ask it anyway...i'm trying to put on size now and i'm not doing ANY cardio whatsoever i'm trying to burn as little calories as possible throughout the day...i work in construction and if i start to sweat i slow it down b/c i'm not trying to burn this right or should i be doing cardio once or twice a week?

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    for me personally with appetite increasing on cycle even eating good without cardio its hard to maintain my midsection.. i was like that on my first cycle but you would be fine to do some, alot of people wait until after cycle to increase their cardio tho

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    It really depends on your body type..... if you have a fast metabolism etc. Just make sure if your not doing any cardio at all that you are eating very clean and that you don't go completely crazy on your cheat days. But like phatmark said, I would definitely have trouble keeping my belly in check without doing a little cardio even when bulking. Plus remember cardio works your heart. What you might want to do is limit your cardio to 1-3 days a week and drop it down from 40-60 minutes to about 30-35 minutes. Either way it just depends on your body type and if you can't gain doing cardio.

    Here is some good bulking info:

    UNoffical "How to Bulk" thread and sample diet...


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