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    Cool Shoulder workout myths?????

    Boyz, Boyz, Boyz,
    can anyone please tell me if this is true:

    "Shoulders react and grow better with higher rep exercises as opposed to heavier weights and lower reps"

    I can't remember where I heard it, just that I did once hear it.

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    its hard to make big generalizations like that when it comes to training. IMO, you should do whatever works best for you, and sometimes that can take years to find out. This is what I do (and i'll apply it to shoulder exercises, although I use this same idea for almost all of my training).

    Depending on how many times a week you work shoulders (either once a week or twice a week) pick some exercises (maybe about 2 exercises if you are working shoulders twice a week and maybe 4 exercises if you are working them once a week...) Now, pick a rep range, say 8-12 reps on military press...

    Pick a weight that you can barley get 8 times without help, now stick with that weight on your first set (do about 3-4 sets usually) and get as many reps as you can on each set, usually dropping about 10 or 15 pounds with each set (depending on rest) and continue starting each workout with that weight until you can get it 12 times without help (spotter that is), then up the weight five or ten pounds so that you can only get it 8 reps and start the whole process all over... this is called a double progession method and is great for keeping your body from adapting to a certain rep number.

    If you hit a point where you stop growing for a few weeks, then change the rep range, exercises, or set number... hit some supersets or pre-exhaustion to give you a boost in growth if after a few months you stop gettin stronger... however, excellent form is very important in this program, too much weight or sloppy form will yield you no/very slow results and lead to injury... hope this helps,
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