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    help with my back

    I want to get a little more size to it and my routine now is just not cutting it.
    I've been doing this:
    4sets of 10 for everything increasing weight each time
    widegrip pulldowns
    seated cablerows
    standing db rows

    Was thinkin of keeping the deads and wide pulldowns and exchaning the other too for lawnmower rows and wg pullups?
    any advice would be cool

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    I notice my back only grows with extremely heavy weights and low reps. Trying changing your reps from 10 for everything to 8,6,4,2 and see if that works.

    It worked for me.

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    I like this routine for adding mass to my back.

    4 x failure pullups (no more pansy pulldowns)
    4 x 12-6 bent over rows or one arm db rows
    3 x 12-8 pullovers or close grip chins
    4 x 10-4 deadlifts

    When I put deadlifts at the end, it feels like I'm totally exhausing every muscle fiber in my back.

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    LM1332 Guest
    deadlifts 4 sets of 8,6,4,2
    Barbell Rows 4 sets of 8
    T-Bar with 4 sets of 8 to 10

    THats all i do for now i find that it works better then pull downs, cant do pull ups worth ****

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    For deadlifts i only do 1 working set, but that being said, i dont want to do another set as im too spent. I try and do 2 sets per exercise, one in the 10-12 rep range, the next in the 6-8.

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    Definately do pull ups for your first excersize on back days. If you wait to do them at the end you will be too spent. The only way you can do them at the end is if you have one of the machines that has a step under your feet to give you assistance. Pull ups work your lats much better than pull downs, if you dont believe me, just try it for 2 workouts. That being said, here is my workout....

    3 sets of failure pull ups, enough rest inbtwn to get quality sets in

    3 sets of pulldowns with the handle that you would normally use for rows (the one that is close together and makes your palms face each other)

    3 super sets with rows (squeezing at the back to really get my traps involved) and the pec dec sitting reverse, usually enough weight to do 8-10 reps

    4 sets of shrugs, usually 3 on the machine and 1 with dumbells

    That ends up being 5 excersizes, but your back has so many muscles in it that I feel like you need to work it more than anything else. I still get done rather quickly bc other than pull ups i try not to rest toooo long. Give it a go if you so choose. Peace brothas

    I failed to mention dead lifts...sometimes I will start with deadlifts and skip the pull downs, but sometimes I just do dead lifts on leg days....I know that may not be the best thing for me to do, but since its the only excersize i do for my lower back I figure its alright.
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