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    Arms not growing!

    Hey peoples, got a question for you all, my damn arms just won't grow!

    This is what my arm day looks like:
    Straight bar curl - 12,10,10,8
    Incline dumbell curls - 4 X 10
    Preacher - 3 X 10
    Hammers - 3 X 10

    Skull Crusher - 12, 10, 10
    Close grip bench - 3 X 10
    Overhead extensions - 3 X 10
    Pressdown - 3 X 10

    Any suggestions?

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    Bro you are doing to many reps and not enough weight. If you want your arms to grow, put more weight on the bar, do less reps. Also you might be over working your arms. That is alot of exercises for one day, especially for teh bis. Try mixing them up breaking them down, do 3 exercises per muscle group per day, then the next time you work that mucsle group again, do the other exercises.
    but if you put more weight on the bar, and eat right, your arms will grow trust me.

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    Sicilian30 got it too many reps

    Straight bar curl - 8-6-6-6
    E-z bar inner and outter 8-8-6-6
    Skull Crusher 8-8-6-6
    push downs 8-6-6-6

    do tris on chest day ans bi's on back day

    you use some arms on chest exercises(tris) and some on back exercies(bi's) this helps for a warm up

    if you do arms seperate from chest and back its almost like doing arms 3x's a week and thats not enough rest jmo

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    Agreeing with what the other are saying and adding on...

    Try a reverse pyramid scheme starting with warm up, then going real heavy and stripping the weight after each set and increasing reps. Might look like something like this...

    Standing Barbell Curl:

    12, 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, 12 (or till failure).

    You can throw in one other exercise if you want, but I would say to blast the shit out of em and move on.

    Big Kev might have something to add on this since his arms are freakin obnoxious. I know he likes those extra warm-up sets too.

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    I agree...put on some weight and lower the reps...sometimes I think you need to cheat a little bit when doing bi's

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    Comon guys, to many reps???
    Look you want to gain muscle your gonna have to eat. If your working out and you are not seeing the results that you want you first need to re-evaluate your diet. Most times that is the main curlprit. My arms are growing fine and my arm routine is the same or more that what you have posted.
    Your arm routine looks cool man. How OFTEN you train them may be something to consider but how hard you train them when you do is not. Hell if you can push more, do it. More weight great! Put it on, more reps hell yeah push them suckers until your arms fall off. But slow down???? NEVER..... Look at your present diet, sleep habbits, ect and anything else that may alter your gains but mainly your diet. I would be willing to bet that you are not taking in sufficent enough stores to ofset your training thus the end results are no gains.
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