Hi Guys,

I'm a newbie so this is a newbie question. I'm about to do my first cycle ever.

A little about myself first:

Naturally, over 7 years I went from 140 at 6'1 to 270. But with that I gained 20% body fat. At 200 I was at 9%-11% then not sure what happened. I recently decided to lose my fat so dropped from 270 to 230 and dropped my body fat to 17%. With that I lost I think 15 pounds of LBM. Still natural though and no supplements besides Protein and Udo's oil.

But, now I'm pissed that I didn't reach my goal of looking ripped or least defined. I want to put back on 15-20 pounds of lean muscle mass but drop the fat to 9%-11%. I’m not as hard as I would like either.


How much cardio if any do I need to get to my goals? Should I be doing a different stack? I don't like what I hear about Winnie but looking for suggestions. Should it be reasonable to expect that I should hit my goals with 1 - 2 cycles or do I need to do more? Should I add Clen or leave it for after my initial cycle.

I feel that my genetics hold me back so I say **** the genetics there is always a solution. So I decided to pick up a body in a bottle.

Any help would be appreciated!!