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    Leg cramp this morning

    I woke up for PT at 5 this morning and extended my foot and had a HUGE cramp in my right calf. It was the worst one Ive ever had. Yesterday was a 5 mile ruck march and today was just a pushup pyrimid to 15 and 16min straight ab exercises. Then 30-60's running. The whole two hours it felt like my leg was gonna fall off. Anyone have these before? Anything help them at all? AandF, I know you have, I watched as you had one durning Simpsons one day. Its 330 in the afternoon and I can still feel it a bit.

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    Yeah dude calf cramps suck a dick. I about had one after legs the other day, when i was walking i could feel it coming so i just stopped and sat down for a minute... thank god, I would have been rolling around on the ground.

    Theyre most prone to happen when youve been lying down or sitting for awhile and you stretch or start moving.
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    dude charlie horses are the worst, it might be the lack of potassium you are intakin

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    i used to get em all the time in the middle of the night, usually the night after working legs. the worst one i can remember lasted for almost a whole minute. i was on the floor on the verge of tears.

    cramping usually means you're dehydrated. pop a multi and drink more water. hell, if you're not concerned with the sugar, down some gatorade.

    here are two valuable bits of info i thought i'd share:

    1. alcohol [with the exception of certain wines] acts like a diuretic. meaning if one were to get hammered after an intense leg workout, don't be surpirsed to be the recipient of some violent cramping. again, a multi or a chaser(tm) before sleep usually works for me. [-sidenote: dehydration is often the cause of hangovers as well, so a multi before bed after a hard night of drinks even on non-workout days isn't a bad idea, either.]

    2. the best thing to do when you get a cramp is to stretch the muscle. for example, when you get a cramp in your calf, just straighten out your leg, and then point your toes up and heel down. it might hurt for a second at first, but once you've fully stretched it, the cramp should stop immediately.

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