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    Work Out Routine Please!

    ok guys ive been working out on a off for about 3 years and now im back to my normal weight. im 175 and 6 foot with good strong big legs and calves. i need the best bulking weight gaining work out routine. i wanna build up my chest, arms, shoulders, back, etc.. i could go legs also if yall think i really need it. also will stacking nitro tech and cell tech work well? any other products i could use that you know for sure work? i decided not to take any AS, so hopefully yall can help me so i wont have to take them..oh also what does chrysin do for you. and PLEASE dont tell me to look on the forum b/c i did and couldnt find what i was looking for. THANKS a BUnch guys.

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    you requested not to be led to a forum, but that's all the advice I can give.....look for bigkevs is what you want, trust me, just look at that beast!!!

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    If your wanting to pack on as much size as you can than stick to the basics. Do flat and incline bench presses for the chest, deadlifts and rows for the back, squats and calve raises for the legs, overhead presses for the delts, close grip benches and tri extensions for the triceps and barbell and preacher curls for the biceps. Keep your sets for the larger muscles to 8-10 sets and the smaller muscles to 6-8 sets. Keep yours reps in the 4- 8 range. Also be sure to take in more calories than your burning off.Good luck.

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    grab some whey protein or myo-plex. Cell tech is good source of creatine, but just know that creatine can make you bloated. Check out EAS creatine and some glutamine as well.....Change your diet, lots and lots of protein. BigKevs workout is killer...check it out....

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