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    Time off before new program?

    I'm starting a new "bulking" program in two weeks. I've been doing a 3 day per week program working each body part once per week for about 3 months. I am planning on taking one week off between programs, but am wondering if I should take two to allow enough rest and avoid overtraining. My next program will also be 3 days a week, but heavier lifting with more intensity. This will be a 12 week program with a week off followed by 8 more weeks. Any suggestions?

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    why are you only lifting 3 days a week bro? you should try atleast 4. on a 3 day routine its tough to target all the rest of your muscles.

    but as for the rest. 2 weeks is all you'll need if you wanna take some time off.

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    a week tops...your only doing a three day program and you have been doing it for a long time so your body has adapted to it because of how long you have been doing the same thing. Your probably not anywhere near overtraining.. I wouldn't take any time off for your next one. Get right to it.

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