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    Flat bench question

    it has been a month since i have down flat bench. my lifting partner has been over seas. the times in the am i went to the gym there was noone there to help spot me- so i was doing free weights for all this time. well i tried to bench 200lbs and i had trouble with that.. i have been off a juice cycle for seven weeks now. i weigh 165 and was benching 325-330lbs. now like i said i'm weak as **** from not doing flat bench. how can i jump my bench strength back up again week by week to get back to wear i was? any good ideas or suggestions?

    thanks guys.

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    what i like to do for stregnth on my chest is do my regular workout early in the week like mon or tues. this may include bench press either on a flat bench or with dumbells. then later on in the week like maybe friday before i do another body part i do just a flat bench press.. lifting heavy.. basically working your chest a little more then normal to help build strength

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    hey i just do chest 1 time a week, and its getting alot stronger. i think flat bench barbell works better, well for me it did. i do flat bench barbell, incline dumbells, pec dec flys, and then dips. my good friend benched 340 when he was 17, all natural and only weighed 155. that all he does is flat bench barbell..Good luck

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