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    Shoulder surgery

    After struggling with severe pain in my left shoulder and arm for a couple years I finally went to a chiropractor. It turns out that I have a shoulder spur. He says it's an overgrown bone in the shoulder that needs to be shaved with orthoscopic surgery. Apparently it's occupation related and common in mechanics and electricians. Has anyone had the surgery and how long was your recovery time? A friend of mine had it done and he was out for 7 weeks. I'd like to get best and worse case scenarios because I can't afford to close my shop for 7 weeks.

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    Well, if you just have to have it scoped, you should be back in action in a few weeks!

    I may have to get both knees scoped, but as long as they don't have to cut you open, your down time won't be that bad/long. I don't know actual duration, check w/the doctor for that.


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    A coworker of mine had the same surgery and everything turned out fine. that was about a year ago maybe longer. He has had no problems since with that shoulder. He was off work for about 2 weeks. Back to normal duty after a couple of months. We were both firefighters. I have had 3 surgeries. 1 on right and 2 on left for labral tears and i have nothing but shoulder problems. i am supposed to go back for a 4th on my right but it seems like my left shoulder hurts more. Good luck
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