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    good enough for shoulder w/o

    this is my shoulder workout right now:
    db press:warmup with 60s *20 reps
    set 1 80s*12 reps
    set 2 90s*8 reps
    set 3 95s*6 reps going immediatly to 40s to failure
    db front raises:set 1 30s*15
    set 2 35s*12
    set 3 40s*10 going immediatly to 20s to failure
    upright rows set 1 135 on olympic bar for 10
    set 2 145 " " 10
    set 3 155 " " 8
    db shrugs 2 sets with 135lbs till failure(usually 20- 30 reps a set)

    i do this once a week and it takes about 45 mins.
    does this seem sufficiant?

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    stout... do u get your rears on back day?

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    Rear delts should definitely be included if you arent hitting them on back day. I would remove front raises since the anterior delts are recieving the majority of the stimulus from the front db presses, and your medial delts aren't recieving enough in your workout. Replace them with side laterals. I would also increase the shrugs to 3 sets and reduce the reps greatly to a 8-10 range going heavy on the last set for a 6-8 range. I would also personally increase the sets to 5 on db presses as well... I personally believe you should base each workout around a heavy compound movement as the main emphasis
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