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    Long arms, great tri's...lagging chest :(

    hey bros'
    to sum it up...
    i have long arms, excellent tris' but a small chest. i really want to focus on making my chest grow. ive started more flies and wider grip on all benched and db's. what do you advise for maximum chest growth in my situation?
    please advise me on some exersizes.
    is this theory (long arms make tris work harder than chest on bench) sound?
    what do you think?
    any advise greatly appreciated as im really REALLY keen to get my chest to catch up!

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    I like incline db presses and flies. My chest is my best feature and when I go out playing pool every FRi/Sat I get comments like your bigger than my wife or get a bra. lol Any ways I also enjoy strict cable movements really feeling the muscle hold and squeez is a big part of the exercise for myself. Genetics plays a role too. Make sure you do at least one good benching exercise.

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    what i do is, first i isolate the pecs by doing 2 sets of flies, now since your pecs already have been worked, you will feel them alot more when you do your compound movement, which for me is dumbell press, great for mass. Also what i have started doing lately, low pulley cable crossovers, gives you a huge pump and incredible cleavage definition.

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    just by the feeling it seems dumbells would help stretch it out since u can go alot further down then with barbell, but im in the same boat as u, got decent size but to me my chest iss worst bodypart i have, just doesnt ever seem to wanna grow...

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    i am the same way, i would not say that my arms are freakishly long, but my tri's are more developed than my chest....even after a hard chest workout, my tri's will be very sore the next day, without any direct work (i.e. skull crushers)

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    Up the intensity a bit and keep a good log of the loads, reps, sets and time to completion so you can see if what you are doing is paying off... sometimes you are doing to little - many times you are doing too much. But a progressively stronger body will be a bigger body...

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