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Thread: The mind

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    Scotty, beam me up

    The mind

    Just wanted to mention what I feel is the most important thing when bodybuilding/powerlifting and that is the mind!!

    I have noticed that even if I eat perfectly and workout with the best routines suited for my body I still DONT gain good if my mind isnt into it.

    On the other hand I can eat like ****, do insane ammounts of volume and still gain like a mad man if my mind is into the training 100%.

    The periods when I gain best is the periods I cant wait to hit the gym. When I have to restrain myself from doing to long workouts cause its so fun to lift. when I realy realy long for the gym every moment of the day.

    Diet layouts and workout routines seems to almost take second place to mindset....

    Want to hear the big guys oppinion on this!

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    what the mind believes the body can achieve!

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    I'm with you on that... I was out of it for a while and just going through the motions. Actually started losing size and strenght. For the past three months, I've really been into it and have gained 5lbs of lean mass!!!!

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    totally agree brutha. i been sayin that to. the only way to lift is to lift like a ****ing animal. if you are liftin like an animal, you are probably having fun, at least i am

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    About a month ago I was working out and I saw some guy sitting down on some machine reading a magazine! Then he would do a quick set and read again. Last week I seen a girl doing adductors realy easy as she was also reading. Just going through the motions. Boy that erked me. Needless to say neither one of them had a great or evan good body for that matter. It comes down to the "mind muscle connection" ..

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    i agree, once you get them workin on the same page, your body will impress you at how it responds..

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    90% mental. Train like an animal and an animal you will be...........
    I agree that it's way more fun too.

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