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Thread: ab routine?

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    Question ab routine?

    any got an ab routine going thats actually working for them? my stomach stick out like ronnie colemans, not fat just sticks out
    help please

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    morning cardio on an empty stomach and a cutting diet

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    ab routine A(weighted crunches)
    leg raises 4x20
    kneeling rope crunches 4x15
    machine cruches 4x10

    ab routine B
    lying leg raises(bench) 4x20
    bicycle ab crunches 3x25
    reverse crunches on bench 4x25

    I interchange these routines weekly. If you dont want your abs to stick out, non-weighted crunches are prefered. But like AandF said, if your diet and cardio arent in check your abs will never be visible.

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    As mentioned before, cardio is key. You won't see anything without low BF%

    For big abs, go for core movements such as heavy squats and deadlifts. Your lower back and abs play a crucial role in stabilizing the weight. Also, all overhead movements(squats, lunges, etc.) are great for the abs.

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    One thing I have learned from doing abs is that they need to be contracted the entire workout in order ot get most benefit. Here is what I do. Not only does it work but it speeds up your workout considerably. Start with lower ab workous and do them non stop. Do 1 set of leg raised followed IMMEDIATELY by a set of another lower ab exercise. Now go onto to set two without any wait time. Then do set 3 of both those in a row. Then move onto upper abs and do them all in a row 30 crunches, 30 side bends, 30 etc etc. Then thats one set then goto next set of doing those in a row without a break. By the time youre done your abs are burning like a mofo. BTW Ronnie Coleman's gut sticks out not becuase he has big abs but because he is on grotwh horomones and those increase the size of your organs. Not only do they make muscles grow but they make your internal organs grow as well so his liver, kidneys, lungs, heart etc get huge and stick out causing his somtach to expand as well. Thats why those guys die by the time they are 45

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