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    Unhappy Training/dieting while your sick???

    Just wondering if u guys still train hard or at all when your really sick and feel like poop. What about your is that affected when u become ill? Im talking like stomach virus's , flu ect...not little head colds.

    Ive been really sick for 3 days now (stomach virus?)....i just dont feel like training...i have a throwing up....ect. ect.. Should i just rest and ride this out?....or should i be getting my ass in the gym? I also can barely eat anything....drinking water makes me wanna puke....i had a few slices of toast today a potatoe and some eggs. Im just freaking out cause i feel like im!!!!

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    Rest and drink a lot of fluids like orange juice and eat things that you can stomach. Oatmeal is always a top meal for me when im sick.

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    Don't train. Many times working out while sick will just delay your recovery. Rest, drink plenty of fluids, crank up the vitamin C, and you will be feeling better very soon. Anytime you don't start feeling better in 5 to 7 days get in to see your doc.

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    Yep, rest and ride it out. Your body needs the energy to fight off the infection, otherwise, you'll be slowing down the healing process working out because it further stresses your system.

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    I'm a newb here been lurking for awhile. Just like Littlenate, I got the stomach flu, same syptoms he has. I'm taking sust and dbol right now going into my 2nd week, the pills are about the only thing i can manage to keep down but i know i need to drink water and lake lilnate it makes me wanna yak. Should I continue to take the dbol or stop until this stomach flu passes? TIA guys.

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    well, the stomach flu should pass within a few days if your drinking LOTS of water, eating oranges, taking vitamin C and still trying to maintain your diet. You need to keep everything going as if you were normal (if you can) but no training until you get better. If its just a little headcold or something above the neck (headache, sore throat, etc.) then you can train through it. If its below the neck (chills, diarrhea, stomach virus, etc) then deinitely stay away from training until you get better.

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    if you cant go 110% dont bother going to gym. when im sick my appetite drops and its hard to keep up my meals. btw working out will only hurt your immune system and will prevent a faster recovery

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    you are shrinking, however this is not all bad...i think that after you get over your illness you will be able to put the weight back on very easily and you may even be more cut

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