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    Getting it back after injury

    Going on 2 years ago I herniated a disc (C5). I have been back to the gym since, aggrivated it here and there forcing me to take time off again here and there. Luckily I have determined what exercises aggrivate it and stay away from those. The injury caused accelerated muscle atrophy to my left pec and triceps and because of this my delt takes the brunt of the chest workout. I do all iso-lateral movements to hopefully force my left side to get it together. My question is first have any of you had to come back from a similar injury and do any of you have any suggestions for me as to isolate these muscle groups even further that I already am. I desperately want to get back to the "old me" as quickly as possible.

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    you might wanna try some form of Max Contraction training. I just read the book and if isolation i what you need, that may be the way to do it.

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