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Thread: about my bi's

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    about my bi's

    when i work out my bi's my right arm is always ttired and tight and then my left feels good any-1 know why that is?

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    I have it the other way around.train with db and then both will be worked out the same.Everyone has one arm stronger than the other

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    Billy is dead on here bro. Traning intrensties will vary each day due to many different reasons. One arm useually is much stronger than the other thus causeing it to bear the brunt of the load during a set. Follow Billy's advce and workout with dumbelss. This will off set any favortism that might pop up during your training.

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    Fortunately after training with dumbs for a while your left arm will eventually equal your right. Understand at present time your left arm has to work harder than the right and will compensate over time.

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