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    Help me Help my Dad pls

    Hey, I recently learned from my mom that the doctor told my dad he's surpised he hasn't had a heartattack yet, he's 55 and in pretty horrible physical all day comes home eats and sits on tv. I really wanna try to get him into a light program to work off of. I don't think he'll go to a gym, so thinking I'm gonna surprise them with a treadmill and plop it right in front of the tv....cant imagine ne excuses like that. Thinking 30 mins at a somewhat moderate speed 3 days a week is a good start. Hoping that'll kick start some sort of health-living progression. Anyone offer ne advice?


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    Hey bro, sorry to hear about the health of your pops. But its never to late for him to get in shape? It def. sounds like his diet is full of cholesterol, sodium and empty calories. I would focus on gettting that diet in check in conjunction w/ some light cardio and slowly build on that. GOOD LUCK BRO!

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