Im back in working out my body after a long pause(1 1/2 year)because i had a mononucleosis.I packed a lot of fat during this pause,my first goal is to lose this fat.Here i ask you people to give me some advice's on what to eat and when to eat and when to cardio.I know that best time to do cardio workout is first thing in the morning prior to first meal.If i do cardio first time after i wake up i dont have energy left for my wieght workout that usualy i do it in the morning.It is ok to cardio right after weight training or i should do it after the last meal in the evning?My diet looks like:i eat a more pronunnced in carbs meal before and after weight trainning and the rest of the day i focus to eat protein based foods.Any comments on my post is very welcomed.Please help me out to get lean in the shortes time.Thanks in advance,bye.