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    12 workouts? wtf

    Ok Ive been overtraining I guess? Im starting week 5 of test e and eq I workout everyday but Im hearing alot of people say its too much..I keep it simple uper body monday lower body tues uper body wed etc..Im hearing its best to work out lets say your your arms monday back tues legs wed etc..with a week for healing that individual muscle group..well then thats only 12 workouts in my cycle for each muscle group?..that dosnt seem right?

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    Depends on how fast you heal. Noone, i repeat, NOONE can suggest a workout program for you. Every body is different.

    For me, i heal in about 3 days for each body part. I work a 4 day split, one day off in that split. Day 1 ill do chest back, 4 exercises for chest and 4 for back, about 3-4 sets per exercise. Day two i do arms, 3 exercises for biceps, 1 for brach's, 4 for triceps, two forearm exercises, and about 3 sets for each of these. Day three i do shoulders and legs, 4 shoulder, about 5 leg, 3 sets per muscle. Day four i rest. THen im ready to go again.

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    For me one body part per day and depending on my schedule I will do:

    2 days on and 1 day off (I prefer this)
    or 4 days on and 2 days off

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