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    i have beeen working out for a year now, I lost 125lbs...i was 300 lbs and a fat ****, and now i am a phsyco when it comes to the gym i go 5-6days a week I have a squeeky clean diet, and i do cardio everyday, i am currently 174 with 9 percent body fat....

    my problem is now I have elbow injuries and i cant lift for at least 2 months while I go to pt...they say its tricep tendinitious....which is hurting like hell....but thats not the worst part.... the doctor wants me to come for 2 MRIS to see if i tore my ligaments in my elbow, which would mean id need surgury...which would mean id be out of the gym for a year.....

    so now i am stuck cause i want to work out like i did but i cant lift...and i am affarid of 2 things...1
    gaining wieght....

    2. loosing hell of muscle

    so i was wondering if the workout scheduale i worked out okay for 2 months during my physical theropy of 2 months



    Cardio 40 mins- bike....

    Abs-monday- sat

    legs- monday-friday

    diet- I am gonna eat less than when I am training....and i also am stopping the creatine that i was on

    IS this ok and if not what should I add/stop/change....remember I cant do upperbody

    Please help...I am really worried about getting fat, and loosing what i have worked so hard to dream was to be 195 by summer, and now that that wont happen...please help me stay nice ripped and thin...


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    Man if your hurt there is not much you can do. Just make sure you keep your diet in check and make the best of what you can do. Also allow your self time to heel if you don't you will regret it later. Good luck

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    well hopefully ya dont need surjury dude but if ya do dont worry i was unable to use my arm for a whole year and i just sucked it up and worked out everything that i could that didnt involve that arm and i did ok i shrunk a bit and got a bit of fat in the lower stomach but since i had been keeping my cardio in check when the arm was healed i bounced back in like 3 weeks . if ya dont need surgury just rest rest rest. it will get better

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    Bro, first congrats on losing all that weight .. second I had the same problem with medial, lateral, bicep and tricep tendonitos! I believe mobility would be severely lowered if something was torn.. Seek out active release as PT!!! Do you legs twice a week and up your cardio, thats what I did, kept me somewhat in the game

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