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    For the last 2 years ive been working out the same way( not exactly the same but just basically the same program). At first of course i made some great gains. However i have been changing the exercises for each muscle group and the order. I generally do 3 exercises for any muscle group. EX: Chest- Flat bench, Incline, Decline, and usually fly.... all these 3X10. Does anyone have suggestions on how i can shock my body into making gains in mass and strength or where i can find a new progam. Im having the same problems with all other areas back,arms,shoulders,ect.. I think I need to change how i do my sets and the # of reps. Any Advice would be appreciated.
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    lol im not telling :D

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    Go really heavy if you are doing 3 x 10. 10 reps is kinda in the midpoint between mass building and cutting. I just started going 1 x6, 2x5, 2x4 on bench press, and I have been getting thicker, and a strength increase.

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