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Thread: Dead lifts??

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    Dead lifts??

    Should deadlifts be done with ur palms over the bar or ur palms under the bar, basically tricep grip or a bicep excercise grip?? ive seen then done both ways , heres my routine which should i do?

    smith machine standing row- x10 x8 x6
    dead lifts- x10 x10 x8 (should deads be done low or high rep?
    high lat row machine- x10 x8 x6
    lat pulldown- x10 x8 x6
    Shrugs- 5x10

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    You can really do them either way. Alot of bodybuilders go hands over the bar, simply because they try to isolate the lower back and not the gripwork as much. I myself do both, but usually when i get over 405 I need to use wrist wraps if I'm shooting for more than 5 reps. I would alternate your reps. Maybe 10,10,8 one week then 8,6,4 the next. I dont like going over 8 or 10 reps on deadlifts because the oxygen levels are so taxing with a high rep full body movement like that. They are if your going heavy enough anyways, kind of turns it into a cardio thing for me.

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    I would keep the reps low & heavy (< 5 reps). Do them double over grip until the weight is too heavy, ie you can get 3 or 4 good rep in, then it falls from ur fingers. After that, switch to over under grip and up the weight!

    Also remember, if your squatting heavy and deadlifting heavy in the same week, its extremely taxing on ur CNS. alternate them, higher rep squate - heavy dead 1 week, heavy squat - higher rep good morning excercise next week.

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    overhand grips is harder.

    if your doing real heavy weight you might wanna try doing one overhand one underhand grip

    imo i always start with deads on back day and to high weight, moderate reps

    gl bro!

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