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    why is my ass the first place to gain weight??

    lol, first of all, IM A MAN. Whenever I gain weight, i notice that not only is my stomach bigger, but my ass gets equally as big if not bigger lol. Anything i can do to keep the ass part of my body from gaining weight (im sorry if this post is considered ridiculous by some, I just hate that im bulking right now and my ass is blowing up)

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    Its really all about diet, what you put in, and when you put it in. You need to carefully monitor when you take in carbs and sugars, eating these at the wrong time will cause to you gain fat, and in your case fat around the torso and glute region. Take a look around the diet forum and see if you can't teach yourself a thing or two. Good luck.

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    It may just be your arse is growing from squatting. You'll find most guys here have backside the size of a rhino.

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