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Thread: Weak Chest

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    Question Weak Chest

    I need some guidence to build up my chest, both size and strength. Im 6'4 260 and pretty much out of shape(to be kind to myself) and my chest is so weak that it gets tired before I feel like I got a good workout and its really aggravating. For example I can barely do a set of 10 with 150lbs!! Can anyone outline a good chest routine that will help with my goals? I am new to lifting and Im afraid Im not doing the right chest exercises for a beginner workout.

    Any help is appreciated. And try not to flame too bad I know its pathetic thats why Im asking for help.


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    It my be your try's bro , beef them up it will help your bench , as for a work out try this ,keep the weight light till you fell ok with it !

    incline pree 3 set's of 8-10 reps
    flat press 3 set's of 8-10 reps
    dumbell fly's 3 set's of 8-10 rep's

    You can type it in the search , there are alot of good workouts on the board , be carefull not to do to much till you get stronger tho !
    good luck bro !

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