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    Shoulder Injury (Seat Shoulder Presses)

    Question related to a possible shoulder injury, was doing seated shoulder presses with dumbells that have the rubber protectant sleeve on it. Was squeezing out the last few reps and brought both of the weights off and hit them together and with the rubber on it think I hit them together too hard becuase when I did through my form way out and brought one (right dumbell) past by line. Meaning it went to far back from my head, almost like it went back like I was trying to throw the thing. When this happen could not control the weight becuase it was out and my shoulder was carrying the load and had to drop the weight becuae I coudl not hold onto it. Or even a better way of describe it imagine someone behind you coming up and pulling the dumbell behind and out.

    Knew I tweaked it when it happen and after the set was a little sore and felt different, jsut got home and took some advil and iced it and does not feel that bad. Little sore, but only when I try to fake throwing a baseball, will know more tommorow because my body is still pumped up from working out.

    Question what kind of injury (hopefully there isn't) might I have done. Would this be my rotator cuff, tendons, joints? Just wondering...thanks guys.

    (Pissed off that I seem to go from one injury to the next, only lucky thing is that usually after 1-2 weeks I am back to normal, hoping this is the same)

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    depends on where the pain is bro.

    is it on the shoulder motion? or one of the delt heads?

    most likely it sounds like cuff.

    you should do light sets of rotator cuff exercises and judge how it feels in a few days
    (lower cables to where it is at shoulder height and rotate weight outward using rotator cuff, cause u didnt know mate)

    feel better

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    Just an update on my old post:

    Here is my main question:

    At this time I can do all chest workout without any pain, can also do overhead presses without any pain. The ones that tend to aggravate it and kinda hurt are overhead tricep excercises (laying down ez bar, overhad dumb either single or double) can still do tricep pull downs without any pain. Also rear pec deck hurts it. Have omitted the ones that hurt from my rountine.

    Any thoughts what could be wrong with my right shoulder, any other people here with similar type of injury??? Think I shoudl go see a doctor about it.

    One more thing that kinda aggravates it is when I am sleeping on my right side, the one with the bad shoulder if I have my arm up high underneath my head similar to how you hold your arm when you are lowering a single dumbell during overhead tricep excercises.

    Any helpful input would be appreciated...

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