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    Cool improving my freinds sons bench

    ive got a good freind whose son is starting to lift. he is 15 almost 16, and he tells me that he cant seem to lift as much as the other kids, mostly on bench. he can barley do 5 reps of 95 pounds. he says that he gets the bar down to his chest and he cant bring it back up, he starts to bring it up, but then gets stuck. is there any advice that i should give him, or any spicific workouts that he should do to help this. most of the kids his age can put up 160-240 lbs. thanks.

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    Everything takes time...just get him on a good routine. Have him do 4 sets or so of flat bench and 8-12 sets of triceps afterwards for awhile.

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    Eating the right way will help him.

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    low reps high weight will be good for increasing his bench, also negitives will help him to become used to heavier weight witch will help him to procede in lifting heavier of course... just make sure hes eating prety good and so forth

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    Everyone has to start somewhere...
    I'd say to start at something he can easily do 3 sets of 10 reps at. Every week, add 2.5 lbs to each side. Once he stops making gains that way, switch to higher weight and 3 sets of 6 and do the same thing (add 2.5 lbs on each side every week). Once he stops making gains that way, switch back to the lower weight and higher reps (where he left off last time). Rinse, repeat.
    Triceps are a big part of bench also.

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    Sounds like he is already keeping the reps low at 5. Genetics, no way to run from them, give it time and his numbers will improve. Diet is also key

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    im the same way, no matter how big i get i still cant bench $hit, damn genetics. just get him on a solid program then later on work in dumbells, thats where i get my strenth from. my bench still sucks though

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