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    Need new shoulder routine

    Hey bros, I've been doing this routine for some time and haven't seen the progress I wanted.

    4x8s Barbell/Dumbell shoulder press (alternating ever two weeks or so)
    3X10s lat raises
    3x10s front raises with rope on pulley machine

    I never supersetted anything for shoulders, should I try that? If so, what should i do?

    Diet is clean, 250-300g protein, 4000 clean cals

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    check my shoulder routine out

    3 sets of military barbell presses
    3 sets of db military butterfly presses(like a press, but slight fly motion, not just straight up and down, it helps shape the shoulders, makes them rounder)

    3 supersets of side lateral followed directly by front laterals(raising db's at the same time in front of you while seated.

    3 sets of bent over lateral raises supersetted with Smith Machine upright rows

    2 sets of heavy shrugs

    It looks like alot, but here is the key. Cut your weights a little bit and slow the movements down. I use 225 for military presses, but on this routine I'll drop to like 185, but go up with the weights just as slow as I go down with them. Try to feel your first rep as good as you feel the last one. Hope this helps

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    i like to superset dumbell presses with dumbell upright rows going with heavy weight (6-8 reps).

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    Stayinstacked thanks for the advice I forgot to mention I do 3 sets of shrugs too..
    Oh yeah on your mil barbell press do you go behind the neck or in front?
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