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    info, for new members.

    This is some basic bulking info, for the noobs, it seems that we are getting the same questions week in week out I hope this will be of some use. If we could have other members give some info, to we can cover more of the subject.

    (your workout routine)
    As bodybuilders we would all like more muscle but what’s the best way to go about it.
    20 reps 5 reps 8 to10 reps 6 sets per body part, 20 sets per body part, you must use this training method, that training method, i could go on all day, you will hear something different at every gym you visit. So what’s the answer, in my opinion there is no perfect routine, schedule, rep rang, the main thing people forget is what you are actually doing in the gym when you train your muscles. You are using and recruiting muscle fibbers every time you lift a weight. Your bodies response to that is to recover and repair self i.e. its going to grow back bigger and stronger in preparation for when it happens again.
    So knowing this why is it that some people find it hard to keep gaining in the gym. Its all about trying to beat or trick the most complex and clever organism on the earth your body itself. The problem is its to clever, when you stress your body though weight training it wants to heal its self as quickly as possible so it adapts. In doing this next time you train a certain body part it makes it harder to get the same amount of muscle growth you perversely did, over a long period because its been there before. Let me try to break it down a bit more. four instants 8-10 reps will be ok but for how long before you adapt, ten weeks eight weeks possibly shorter than that. So the word here is that your body adapts, adapts and adapts again to every thing you do its nature your body must do it you must try to stop it. Cycling you training is one way to help combat this.

    Some simple points you will need to remember.

    1, It has been said a million times, less is more when weight training, keep the sets low train hard then get out of the gym, you grow when your out of the gym not training.

    2, (Overlapping body parts) you do all the time when training, benching works chest shoulders and triceps not just chest, this is the case with biceps and back to, so if you split them up keep them away from each other simple.

    3, (Sleep) sleep and sleep 8-9 hours a night this is when you will grow.

    4, (P.W.N) as the sticky suggests, this is possibly one of the most important meals / shakes you will consume. get it right.

    5, (Squat/DeaDs,) you must squat and dead lift if you want arm and overall growth of skeletal muscle.

    6, (Genetics) never overlook your genetics they play a big part in deciding your bodybuilding fate.

    7, (Overtraining) is the killer of muscle. remember that the biceps and triceps are small muscles, that do not needing much stimulation. don’t go mad with 15 sets on bicep curls or any other small muscle group.

    8, (Stimulate your body),, As long as you progress your body always has stimulation to grow, the thing is how to keep it going for so long
    Always add weight to the bar, add small amounts each week 1kg or so this is a must it will give the body a reason to grow.

    9, (High reps/low reps) when it comes to what reps, to use I would say use both. again disgust many times, there it benefit in both fast and slow twitch muscle fibbers.
    10, (use big basic midrange movements) to build mass then you can use smaller shaping movements when your huge…

    Some basic movements
    (Chest) flat, incline, decline,
    (triceps) skullkrushers, close grips, seated extensions, dips
    (Back) dead lifts rows pull-ups.
    (Shoulders) laterals d/b press.
    (Legs) squats leg press front squat.
    (Biceps) bar curls, hammer curls, preacher curls,

    Sets per workout
    (Chest) 9-10
    (triceps) 6-8
    (Back) 9-10
    (Shoulders) 5-6
    (Legs) 9-10

    A basic 3 day split.
    1 chest shoulder triceps
    5Back biceps

    A 5 day split
    Chest shoulders,

    This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to anaerobic training and bulking, one last thing to remember is that you can have the best split in the world but I will be of no use if you do not put the work and effort in your training
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    you didnt put in bicep recomendations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skullsmasher
    you didnt put in bicep recomendations
    ok thanks.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skullsmasher
    you didnt put in bicep recomendations
    whats this then?

    (Biceps) bar curls, hammer curls, preacher curls

    what else can you say about biceps?!?! rows and pullups, HEAVY COMPOUND, REST, FORM, TEMPO

    do a search

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