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    Beginner looking for advice/criticism

    Alright, first off, I am a 20 year old male. Around 6'2" 186lbs. Started working out seriously [joining a gym and going routinely] about 10 months ago. Never really started any type of 'diet' until about 2-3 months ago. Throughout the whole 10 months, my gains have been very minimal. I am basicly the same weight as when i started, but just a little bit more muscular. I was leaning towards a cycle of test, but now after lots of reading i dont think i am ready.

    My 'diet' isnt too strict, and im wondering if this may be a big problem. [Keep in mind, my goal is not to be huge] Basicly, i dropped the habit of fast food, i eat a lot of chicken, eggs, tuna, deli sandwiches [aka poorboys, some of you may know what those are], oatmeal, salads, pasta, mac and cheese. On top of that, i am currently taking vitargo cgl [creatine] and protein off and on

    My workout routine is almost always tue/thur/sat the only thing that varies is the two days in a row that i take off, sometimes i feel the need to take off an extra day other than monday if i am still sore from the previous workout

    tue-chest/back [flat bench, incline barbell press, incline flies, hammer strength decline, lat pulldown leaning back to work the back, cable rows, reverse machine flies]

    thur-shoulders/abs [dumbell military press, barbell raise, shrugs, lat raise machine]

    sat-bicep/tricep [seated slight incline dumbell curls, standing hammer dumbell curls, preacher machine one arm at a time and two arms at a time, cable curls, cable pressdown, cable pressdown reverse grip, one handed cable pulldown, tricep pushups]

    there are also a couple more misc exercises i do but i dont really know what they are

    i do each exercise for 3 sets, 8-12 reps, last set is always with a weight that i can only complete 8 or less reps. when i make it past 8 i go up in weight

    no, i didnt forget legs, i am really not concerned with them at this point in time

    anyway, sorry for the novel, but any input would be appreciated
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    You sound like me back in high school, I only went about 3 days a week and never trained legs or back or shoulders. That was then, but to be honest with you, a total body workout will do wonders for you. For example, squats will really do more for you than just building your legs, they are pretty much a full body workout. The same can be said for dead lifts. Also, I'd vary your exercises, the body will get used to doing the same variations of movements and won't really respond like it would if you varied it up. Make sure you're getting plenty of protein as well, it truly works wonders.

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    yeah, i cut back from going almost every day to a set schedule of 3 days a week, because i was afraid i might have been 'overtraining' and i can say i do notice a little bit of improvement in being able to lift more, and a little bit more definition, but still nothing close to what i would expect from almost a years worth of training. maybe i am just expecting too much?

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    Read the stick’s bro, you have not been training long at 10 months, it takes a lot longer and I would not recommend juice, you still have room to grow natural…

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