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    Any suggestions for one arm smaller than the other....

    apart from start masturbating with the left?

    My problem is that my left arm is about Ĺ - ĺ inch smaller than my right. Iíve always trained them the same and mostly use barbells and EZ bar rather than dumbbells for my curls with the idea that I will be putting equal pressure on each arm. I make a conscious effort to look in the mirror when lifting to enable me to see if my elbows are spreading out.

    In my opinion its defiantly the bicep that is the lacking body part, the triceps IS smaller but not by much.

    Is the answer to simply concentrate more on the left? But I donít want to neglect my right.

    Tell me what Iím doing wrong without too much flaming!!

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    use less compound movements, do not move the stronger arm up in weight until the weaker arm has reached the same level. ex: forget barbell bicep curls, do incline curls or some hammer curls. Triceps, forget barbell french press, do it with dumbbells, etc.

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    What your doing wrong is not understanding that EVERYBODY on planet Earth has one arm smaller than the other and its usually the left if you are right handed.

    There are things you can do but you will never neglect the right arm so your left will never catch up. You can do some extra exercises but if they are only going to isolate they will not build mass. Use dumbells for a while.

    No one else will notice the difference anyway, its just often we get overly concerned with it.

    One way I got my left bicep to catch up a little was to do slow and strict hammer curls on the left only as well as barbell curls
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    to try an equal things out try to use more dumbells. if you are persistant on using bb then dont let your dominant arm do all the work, let the weaker side struggle to lift.

    the key here is Dumbells for a little wile

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    well biggest mistake u can make is working out the left more than the right, stick to the barbell where u cant isolate, and just try and keep the bar LEVEL. Do that and they will even out

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