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    Aug 2005

    My Triceps Disappeared

    Today was tricep day at the gym:

    Skullcrushers X3
    Seated Dumbell Overhead Extension X3
    Pushdowns X2
    Dips X2

    After I was done with the seated dumbell overhead extensions, I noticed that when I extended my left arm, I had a nice tricep stripe that was rock solid. When I extended my right arm, however, it was almost completely flat, no stripe whatsoever. There's much more of a stripe on that arm when I'm not working out. Any ideas wtf is going on? Is it possible that I somehow trained the left arm more than the right one today even though all my excercises do not isolate a particular arm? It's really friggin weird.

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    A lot of people are unevenly developed on their opposing sides like biceps or triceps.

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    U sure it wasn't just a lighting issue?


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    Might be genetics.

    Overtraining can also lead to the inability to achieve a pump, but its pretty hard to overtrain one tricep and not the other. Weird

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    Yeah, it wasn't a lighting issue...It was a tactile issue. Seems to be a little better now though, but my right triceps aren't as developed as the left. How can I even them out?

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    just focuss a lil more on ur form and how even u lift and it should work its way up, u might be trying to lift to heavy and ur dominant side is pushing a lil harder out of instinct to lift the weight yet taking more stress off ur other arm which causes it to get stonger and bigger. just try to focuss on ur form a lil more and u should be good

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    it may be a genetic thing....were they pumped at the time....the pump can cloud definition..

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