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    Sets and reps for flat dumbell flys

    When you guys do flat dumbell flys, what sets and reps do you use?

    Right now I am doing 4 sets, reps of 12,10,8,6 increasing the weight each set. But I'm thinking of changing it to 14,12,10,8.

    What do you guys reccommend?

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    dude have you done any research? you keep posting all this stuff but have you actually looked up any info...tell us why you are thinking about switching it up man...have you failed and not put on muscle with your current workout...12, 10, 8, 6 is perfect as long as you are failing everytime....i would actually fail between 6-10 reps. whatever man.

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    I would just do 3 sets of 8

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    Dude, I seriously doubt you'd notice any significant difference. I mean, you're talking about two reps.

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    i always do reps between 10-12 ill do 2sests of each, i mainly use that excersise for definition rather than size. i use incline db press for the size and do reps of bout 6-10, jmo flys are really a stong point in defining ur chest, big excersises i would for sure have to say i use for mass gains. once again thats jmo and i find after hitting a heavy ass set of incline or flat db presses a good 10-12 rep range of flys with a good stretch really burns the hell outa ur chest and will make that shit feel like its going to pop lol

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