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Thread: Wider Chest

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    Wider Chest

    Hey bros,

    I heard about small adjustments you can make with your lifts to widen your shoulders/chest. I've tried a couple of them, the most notable switching to a wide grip on bench. I haven't really noticed a difference, but I don't know if this is due to a change over a long period of time that is just not that noticable to me, or if these methods are bunk. Am I stuck with my frame????
    Or can I widen it out. If I can, then please give me some advice about the best ways to accomplish this. I've been using the wide grip for about 5 months btw.

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    The only way you will widen your frame is by increasing the overall mass of your shoulders, but particularly the medial delts.

    Unfortunately if you have narrow shoulders because of your skeleton looking really wide won't be possible. But with huge delts, big lats, big pecs, BIG EVERYTHING, you will look wide

    Wide grip benching won't widen your chest, it is just putting more emphasis on the pecs which will help with growth. The width of the pecs doesn't change much but they do pop outwards a heck of a lot.

    Lats like wings will make you look wider as well. You want to concentrate on shoulder work, lat work and chest work. So a lot of military presses, shoulder presses, one arm incline lateral raises (one side against the bench), pullups, bent over rows, deadlifts, incline, flat and decline bench, chest dips etc etc etc

    If you need help understanding those exercises better check out

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    I wanted this for awhile..In April or so..I complained I had a big chest but I didn't look very wide in the upper body. This was before I started training shoulders and traps (at all) and I wouldn't really train back much at all.
    I agree with flexor, focus more on shoulders traps and back and you should thicken out.

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