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Thread: rack deadlifts

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    rack deadlifts

    hey guys. i messed up my knee a bit a few weeks back and it has been real hard to do deads straight off the floor. i was wondering if doing them in the power rack would still be an effective way to do them, and if so how should i modify form-that is, where on teh rack should i set the bar, adn are there any other techniques i can employ taht may be different for rack deads? thanks.

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    I would talk about your knee injury with Doc in the injuries forum first. Making the injury worse, will decrease training time in the long-term. Think long-term, not short-term.

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    iv'e done them before in the power rack with the pins at knee level. it lets you go heavier for sure but it's loud as hell when bar comes down on the pins. i've also done them using the smith machine but didn't care for doing them like that.

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    rack deads are a great way to mix it up. i'll toss them in every few workouts as opposed to regular, from the floor deads. i set the pins about mid-shin level. too much higher and i feel like i'm not doing anything at all.

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    i think a better alternative is to use bands and hook them up to the bar so it helps your initial part of the lift but once it gets to around knee level it all you and there is no band help so its mimics the deadlift better.

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