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    overtraining or lack of motivation

    Latly when i go to the gym im jacked about being there not much makes me more happy. I read on here that you a symptom of overtraining is lack of motivation. When i do cardio 2-3 days in a row i don't want to do it anymore is this becuase of lack of motivation or overtraining. After i take a day or two off i feel pumped about doing it and even go for aslong as an hour n love every minute of it. However by the 3rd day im counting down the minutes at 15.

    Does anyone else go thru this to?

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    So, you're saying you like pumping iron and don't like cardio so much? I think that's what you're saying. That's about the way it goes for everyone, I guess. Doing cardio on my mtn. bike, with the headphones on, just cruising for 45 minutes is the best way for me.

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