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    wats the best combination?

    hey guys....jus need 2 know that wat exercise shud i do when i do back/bis on same day for both and for chest/tris
    and also when i train arms on there own day, the exercise shud be same or different and if diff which will be the best ones to do

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    i never use that split. i always superset chest and back, and 2 days later shoulders and arms together. i used to do chest + bi's then back + tri's. how often to hit each bodypart?

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    when i hit biceps and back on the same day, il start with back, but do all the exercises such that my bicep involvment is minimized by totally concentrating on using only my back muscles. after ive really worked out my back, il hit up biceps, starting with lots of reverse incline curls, then doing a few sets of regular curls. i use the same technique when i hit triceps and chest on the same day too, with one exception, i do way more sets of triceps than biceps.

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