alright, I have had a rough month or so but, I've got everything just about set up at my new place; treadmill, olympic set+DBs etc. My plan is to cut for 2-3 months, then cycle if all goes well. I will be usin Ephedrine+caffeine (+clean diet) for the first month, then if I'm pleased with how its going, I will continue for the next month (or so). If not, I will bump to Clen for the next month. Then if that goes well, I will cycle my test cyp(500mgweek)+nolva(10mg ed)@ 10 weeks, then PCT nolva(20mg ed) +clomid(100mg ed(only have 20 days worth....damnit)) + arimedex on hand(have 14 days worth).

B multi
daily multi

16lbs trueprotein powder on hand
6 lbs PWO mix dex/malt
lean beef/ground turkey
wheat bread
milk (in moderation, shakes mostly)
PB (rarely)
low fat turkey chili
soma rice
tuna in water
water up and out the ass

1st month
primer routine:
sun-off (rotator cuff exercises)

Keep in mind I have shoulder problems (dislocated 6 times, last tiem was 3 years ago) and wont be doing flat bar benching or any bar movements for that matter really until I am fully confident that my shoulders are able to handle it.

cardio will be done in morning mostly, on an empty stomach for 40-50 minutes, no sprinting, just a steady brisk walk.

Maybe you guys can help me set up my set/rep/exercise scheme. I have soemthin in mind but, always open for ideas. For the first couple months at least, I will be concentrating on cutting mostly although I wont be "taking it easy" on the weights or anything.

Any suggestions for my post cycle diet and workouts? How should it change coming off? Less cals or more? less lifting?

What do you guys recomend for cals while on? I was just gonna aim for about 400pro/175carb/50fat but, Im open for criticism.

I have everything I will be including in my plan on hand already so I feel a little bit more motivated to put it to use.