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Thread: baby guns

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    baby guns

    age: 21
    weight: 205lbs
    height 6'2

    I have long limbs and while my chest, back, even legs are growing well in size, it is hard for me to make progress in my arms (biceps). i am currently doing compound weights only, 4 times a week....lots of deadlifts, squats, chins, rows, presses...
    any ideas?

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    i have long limbs also, i'm 6'1'' and 170lbs currently. it sounds like you are doing the right compound movements to put mass on your bi's (chins and rows) but if it's the peak you're trying to improve you should do alot of concentration and preacher curls. they have helped my bi's quite a bit.

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    Well, you are not directly hitting your biceps.

    Add a BICEP exercise if your BICEPS are not growing.

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    At that height, you'll need to be about 260-270 to have "big" arms.

    That's just the way it is when you are tall. It takes that much more mass to fill out in all areas, arms being a key one.

    I''m a bit over 6', but I'm 250....


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    Hit the biceps them selfs. Do it on your back day so they are already pre-exhausted. Try cheat barbell curls. Try standing alternating db curls. Remember to twist on the way up to the top and untwist on the way down.

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