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Thread: att: swole cat

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    Exclamation att: swole cat

    Hi swole cat. I have a question for you since I am unable to pm you.

    How do I get in touch with the administration on this board so my IRON MAN "HIT" can be updated on the training techniques sticky? I can pm him the link where the updated version resides. I now realize its a no-no to mention other boards on this site.

    My routine was pasted here from another site when my routine had yet to be fully updated. It's really bothering me to think some are following the IRON MAN routine without all the correct info. I want everyone who tries it to do it right so they will get the full benefits. I;m sure you being a personal trainer yourself would agree.

    Please see what you can do to help resolve this matter. I'd truly appreciate it.
    In additon I have a link to your arm training article on my workout thread. I used you as a reference because I believe you are someone who knows how to train those guns properly to get the most growth. I think you have some great ideas and keep up the nice work.


    Iron Man

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    Iron Man,

    Hit me up at this address: and I'll make sure that your training artcile is updated with the newest version.



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    Hey IronMan!

    Narkissos had recommended in the earlier thread to check w/the Admin, so anyone posting anything here for you should run it by Vette or BC first. Just following the procedures expected of us here.

    I do thank you for your mentioning of my arm article, that's cool of you.


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