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    Exclamation unmatching chest muscle??!

    hi, ive been working out for about 2 years now, at the beginning my chest was fairly small, like someones chest would be before ever working out. Anyways i started working out on a regular basis, about 3/4 times a week. After about 6 months i noticed my left side was growing, or shapeing more then my right side. So i changed up excersizes doing different things, different routines and such. My chest is getting bigger, but my right side still is not nearly as nicely shaped as the left.
    The part of my right chest im concered about that isnt building like my left, is the inside(middle) lower chest. my left side has that nice round cut, and the right one isnt cut, it seems as if its cut up higher and has just a little bit of muscle lower.

    so after all this, if you understand what im trying to get at... i was just wondering if theres any excersizes that i can do that focus more on the lower middle of my chest, to make a nice round shape??


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    it kinda sounds like genetics, but im not sure

    you can switch from barbell bench to dumbell, you might be stronger in your left arm and be lifting more with that arm. that way you know that each arm is getting the same, plus you get a better range of motion.

    as for certain exercises, id just stick to the basics, when your muscle develops more it will look fine. give it time, but flys where you really sqeeze your pecs together, cross-over cable flys with a downward angle, dips, decline bence with more of a close together grip.

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    I had the same problem when I first started lifting. I've fixed it for the most part by incorporating more dumbell movements and focusing on making each side perform 100% w/o cheating and performing a full range of motion. I think the thing that had contributed the most to it in the first place was doing barbell bench presses and cheating to get more reps in. Anyway, good luck with the situation.

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