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    16..NOT gonna do roids..need a good football workout

    I guess I wont do any steroids at all now..ill wait...but I do still need to get really strong and gain weight (not fat)...could someone give me a very detailed workout that would be good for the strengths I need in football? an offensive guard and middle linebacke

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    the gym
    If I were you id look up some powerlifting programs and do powerlifting or even better go to a college site and look at what workouts they do.....

    I dont know the site offhand but if you go to COLGATE University's athletic site you can look at all their workouts they give to their football team I know alot of guys who used em and got strong as shit....

    It also has a demonstration of each exercise in case you dont know them by the name they give

    good luck bro, your young and healthy keep it clean

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    dont take his advice..haha he is a pu$$y.....but he is right about the site...they have all strenght programs for football....maybe he should use em..being he is soo weak...hahahahah j/k..see ya at the rock....

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