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    workout question

    im not really looking to lose weight, should i bother with cardio? also i wanted to know if i should be doing more than just arms on monday and not until next monday till i do arms again. I do a full body workout for the week, but focus only on one body part per day. Im wondering if this is only good for a heavy lifter since im a beginner

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    I think if you dont need to lose weight that cardio isnt very important, i'm kind of a skinny guy myself so i dont do it neither. For arms,just like every other body part, its very important to give your muscles time enough to recover, so when you do arms , you need to wait at least a day or 5 to do them again. For myself, as my arms are my favourite workout, i split them up in two days, a day for triceps (combined with chest) and a day biceps (i combine that day with abs and forearms). Splitting your workout into one or two bodyparts per day, like the most of us do , give the best results and reduce chances to overtrain alot

    Hope this helps

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