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    !!!!Updated Workout Routine!!!!

    I posted this yesterday but for some reason it did'nt get posted correctly. You guys must have been cofused as hell. Well check
    out this workout routine and let me know what you think.

    WEEK 1
    Mon: Chest & Tri
    Tue: Back & Biceps
    Wed: Shoulders & Traps
    Thu: Legs & Forearms
    Fri: Chest & Arms

    WEEK 2
    Mon: Back & Biceps
    Tue: Shoulders & Traps
    Wed: Chest & Tri
    Thu: Legs & Forearms
    Fri: Back & Arms

    WEEK 3
    Mon: Shoulders & Traps
    Tue: Chest & Tri
    Wed: Back & Biceps
    Thu: Legs & Forearms
    Fri: Shoulders & Arms

    On week 4 I start all over again. I also include an ab workout on Mon, Wed, and Fri along with 30 min. of cardio in the mornings on these days. On Fridays I do the same muscle group as Mondays with a light workout of arms. I tried doing arms once a week but it did'nt produce as good as a result as twice a week. Every week I do different excercises for each muscle group ( i.e. Chest: 1st week Barbell, 2nd week dumbells, 3rd week machines.) I do this so I could hit every possible angle of each muscle group.

    I appreciate your words of wisdom guys and sorry about that mess I posted yesterday.

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    what is your present age and stats
    what does your diet look like
    how is your rest and sleep look like
    depending on the above answers i could let you know about your program
    it looks good-- but for me i would overtrain doing that program

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    I,m 23 years old 5'9 170 lbs. I could max out 245 lbs on bench press. I'm not sure what my body fat percentage is. I want to put on some mass but for some reason I can't seem to maintian weight after I gained it. I eat a lot but i stay away from fast food and fried stuff because I don't want to gain too much fat. During the week I sleep 7-8 hours a night. On the weekends my sleep and diet suffer because I work at a night club so I work long hours into the next morning. Any tips or suggestiond are appreciated

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