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Thread: Delt Routine

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    Talking Delt Routine

    Hey all! I'm stuck with my delt training. My upper body is responding well to everything except my delts. Here's what I do typically...

    8-10 minute warmup
    3 sets of light side lat raises (db or cable)

    start with either front press or db press 1 lt set/1 med set/3 hard working sets.

    4 Sets of hard side lat raises, usually db's but sometimes cables.

    Then front press or db press (which ever I didn't do above), 3-4 working sets

    3 sets front raises
    3 sets rear delt flies (machine or db-switch each workout)

    2 sets upright rows.

    All sets are in the 8-12 rep range.

    Thanks for the help!


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    how about some overhead barbell presses in the 6-8 rep range then some side delts with no rest...i have had some luck with these.....

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