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Thread: Triceps

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    Unhappy Triceps

    While training my triceps tonight I realized I have pain when performing skull crushers and seated french press. The pain is only when I strain the muscle. I've kinda always had it, but not as bad as tonight. It was a very sharp pain. Anyone have any suggestions on what it could be?? I don't think tore it, but I'm no doc. Any insight greatly appreciated.

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    I fucked up my right elbow in Feb doing Skulls. Had to take anti inflam. and rest from uper body work for a month. So i dont do them that much anymore. Make sure you warm up and dont put on to much weight.

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    I had a buddy dislocate his shoulder from going too heavy on the skull crushes, since then I try not to go too heavy.

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    about a 1/2 year ago, i was doing triceps workouts and every time i worked em out my elbows hurt more until one day i just couldn't work em out. so i just took a couple weeks off from doing triceps and when i came back i just didn't do any exercises that caused any pain in my elbow.

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    Bro, I am currently suffering with my elbows as well. All that I can do is take it easy with my workouts and hope that it heals up. This is because I had already gone through 4 months of doctor visits and physical therapy. It was definately determined to have originated from my powerlifting.

    While I no longer do skull crushers, I often feel the pain when I'm doing very heavy pushdowns. But I feel the pain less when I would do bending pushdowns. To this day, I have no idea what it is but I do know that it hurts like hell if I touch or accidently hit that part of the elbows.

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    I know what your talking about bro. It's on the inside of your arm, and kind of feels like your straining the tricep. I get this pain when I'm benching by myself and I have to lift the bar off alone.
    Try positioning your arm in different ways to aleviate the pain. Don't stray to far from proper form, but minor adjustments in grip/position can help. I never have been able to get rid of the pain completely, but enough to work through it.

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