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Thread: Gym idiot

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    Gym idiot

    Every gym has one guy that is an idiot. There one guy at my gym that is a six foot two bean poll. He flys through his work doing like 90 pds for bench and then walk around like he the man. He has no clue what to do.
    Any way like a week ago he gave this huge guy at my gym a spot for bench. He was putting up like 280 makes a few reps then can't make the last rep and it reating on his chest the bean poll guy is trying to left it off but can't. Then other guy run over to help him and get it off him. The huge guy felt stuiped in front of his girl freind that was working out a few feet away. His face is mad red and say his shoulder gave out.

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    Oh ya, Every gym has a guy like that. Unfortunatley my gym has quite a few.

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    There´s no doubt every gym has one in my gym there are 3 or more.
    They just train chest and quads then they leave.

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    my gym idiot does a couple reps then spends the next 55mintues flexing in the mirror

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    What about the ones , who are terribly out of shape or in worse shape then yourself try and tell you how to work out.

    i had Thyis guy in college, who was christ in his 40's come up to me whle training my chest. he starts speeling how i should lift it and how much and how much weight blah blah blah. Them i see him on the bench 20 minutes later showing these 2 skinny guys how to bench. he loads up 250 lbs for these kids who have no idea what they are doing and starts lifting 90% of the weight for i cant stand idiotd like that. we also got a guy in our gym that read the fucking newspaper while he works out and complains about the music constantly. I dont no he just pisses me off...

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    gym idiots are everywere this guy joined the gym and he looked like shit had not a clue, so one day i was doing my triceps pushdowns i was using about 50kg this guy comes across and says thats wrong try it this way i said listen asshole you no nothing, hows that he said, i said let me see your arms they were like pissing matchsticks then i showed him mine 19 inches of pure muscle he never came back for about 3 months, now he says nothing.
    no one picks on a strong man.

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